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About Us

Restored through Faith Ministries is a 501c3 faith-based nonprofit organization, which focuses on reconciliation and restoration of marriages, relationships, families and individuals. Using Biblical Principles, we desire to promote emotional healing through spiritual growth and transparent life examples that will equip others to live a life of hope, peace and liberty.

Although we were living an incomplete and unproductive lifestyle, we were graced with Christian family and friends, who led us to the gift of salvation. Thus began the transformation of the heart, and a life of hope through the promises of God, and the liberation of Jesus Christ. We were taught by the Holy Spirit, preserved by the Grace and Mercy of God. Growing up in Christ with a relationship so personal, because you know you had been given a second chance, the Holy Spirit revealed in our marriage, our very lives had a purpose. We began to understand how important it was to live by kingdom principles in a fallen world, no matter how impossible it seemed, all was possible because of Jesus. We were compelled to come alongside others in the difficulties of life and help them realize the transforming work of Jesus Christ.


Restored Through Faith Ministries was birthed out of the established word of God, the redemptive power and grace of Jesus and exemplary demonstrated transformation power of the Holy Spirit. Some of our life’s involvements include verbal and emotional abuse, walking through infidelity, divorce and remarriage, incarceration, substance abuse, destructive and co-dependent relationships, financial struggles, and grief.


This is more than a story about or lives, this is about the evidence of repentance, the evidence of reconciliation, the evidence of restoration, the evidence of sustainment, the evidence of thriving…because of the Grace and mercy of God through the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ. This is about liberty, wholeness, wellness, happiness, purposefulness. Restored Through Faith Ministries is here to help equip you for kingdom living!


Minister Vernon and Pastor Phyllis reside in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Restored Through Faith

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

Mark 10:9:

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